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Bahama Bucks Menu Prices

Item Price Change

Popular Items

White Chocolate Frozen Hot Frost

Vanilla paired with white chocolate and blended to perfection. 431-687 cal.
$5.09 – –

Strawberry Banana Calypso

Classic strawberry banana smoothie with non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt

Strawberry Bliss

Strawberry smoothie with strawberry ice cream

Bahama Colada

Traditional tropical pina colada with pineapple, coconut, and non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt

Cherry Limeade

305-817 cal.


189-592 cal.

Buck’s Famous Original Shaved Ice

Original Flavors $3.91

Thin Ice Flavors

Sugar-free. No carbs, no fat, no cholesterol.
$3.91 – –

Super Sour Flavors $3.91


Island Smoothies

1. Bahama Colada

Pineapple juice, coconut flavor and fruit. 126-679 cal.

2. Bahama Daiquiri

Rum flavor, daiquiri mix and fruit. 281-652 cal.

3. Bahamakazi

Strawberries, peach flavor and guava juice. 138-613 cal.
$5.27 – –

4. Wavebender

Bananas, pineapple juice and rum and coconut flavors. 181-699 cal.

5. Strawberry Freezecake

Strawberries, strawberry juice and cheesecake flavor. 129-595 cal.

6. Strawberry Banana Calypso

Strawberry juice, bananas and strawberry flavors. 162-661 cal.

7. Oasis

Strawberries, bananas, orange juice and coconut flavor. 173-684 cal.

8. Coconut Kulana

Vanilla ice cream, coconut juice and creamy coconut flavor. 170-772 cal.

9. Congo

Bananas, guava juice and coconut flavor. 171-679 cal.

10. Pineapple Dream

Vanilla ice cream, pineapples, pineapple juice, and pineapple flavor. 260-481 cal.

11. Bahama Berry Blast

Mixed berries, strawberry juice and tart jungle berry flavor. 125-588 cal.
$5.29 +$0.02

12. Mango Tango

Mangoes, mango juice and mango flavor. 328-656 cal.

13. Funky Monkey

Bananas, pineapple juice, chocolate, and chocolate flavor. 384-569 cal.
$5.29 +$0.02

14. Orange Cruiser

Vanilla ice cream, orange juice and dreamy orange flavor. 371-742 cal.

15. Kokomoko

Chocolate ice cream, cola, dark chocolate, and mocha java flavor. 886-1773 cal.

16. Strawberry Bliss

Strawberry ice cream, strawberries, strawberry juice, and strawberry flavor. 437-875 cal.

Island Smoothies – Cream Blends

New Island Smoothies made with Original Gourmet Flavors and Blue Bell Ice Cream


Perfect for someone who loves chocolate and made with mocha java and chocolate ice cream


Blend of banana, coconut, rum, with a squeeze of lime and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
$5.49 – –

Strawberry Freezecake

A classic cheesecake taste with strawberries and vanilla ice cream

Orange Cruiser

Like a dreamsicle in a cup, with vanilla ice cream

Coconut Kulana

Classic sweet coconut smoothie with vanilla ice cream

Frozen Hot Koko

Dark Chocolate Frozen Hot Koko

Rich and smooth ghirardelli® chocolate blended into a frozen delight. 416-634 cal.


Limeade $4.59


191-592 cal.

Strawberry Lemonade

207-625 cal.

Bahama Sodas

Any icy blend of soda and any of Buck’s famous flavors!

Caribbean Cola

A creamy Caribbean vanilla favorite. 38-691 cal.

Costa Colada

Buck’s own piña colada. 259-691 cal.

Cherry Sublime

A tropical twist to a cherry classic. 227-588 cal.


Soda $1.96

Bottled Water $1.33