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Bruster’s Menu Prices

Item Price Change

Full Menu

Half Gallon

Let our friendly staff hand pack your favorite ice cream flavor, or combination of flavors, to go. Take home the size that’s most appropriate for your latest accomplishment.

Oreo Ice Cream Pie

This pie is filled with Oreo ice cream and topped with vanilla ice cream. It has an Oreo pie crust and a fudge filling on the bottom of the crust. It will be decorated with Oreo’s on the icing border. It serves 6-8 people.

Popular Items

Pint $7.21

Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae $7.08

Quart $10.84

Large Cup $6.07

Peanut Butter Cup Sundae

5 oz of vanilla ice cream. Topped with reese’s chunks, warm peanut butter, fudge whipped cream, and cherry.

Regular Waffle Bowl

Three scoops. Choice of flavor..Two napkins and a spoon are included.

Banana Split

Traditional Banana Split – Includes Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream with Banana, Chocolate Syrup, Pineapple and fresh strawberry.

Large Waffle Bowl

Four scoops. Two napkins and a spoon are included. Choice of flavor.

Regular Blast

Sometimes it takes chaos to find harmony. The Bruster’s Blast has swirls of your favorite mix-ins and toppings whipped up in a tempest of vanilla ice cream to create a smooth, rewarding treat that’s a blast to savor.

Small Cup

A small cup comes with 2 scoops of ice cream.

Small Waffle Bowl

Your choice of 2 scoops of ice cream.
$5.17 +$0.27

Regular Cup

A regular cup comes with three scoops of ice cream.

Dino Sundae

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and a Dino cookie.

Dirt Sundae $4.57


Banana Split Sundae $8.00

Regular Sundae

Indulge yourself with your own spin on a classic dessert. Start with any flavor — or combination of flavors — of our smooth, freshly made ice cream. Then build to your heart’s desire with our broad selection of toppings. No matter what you choose to top it with, we guarantee you’re going to love the results! (hot fudge packed separately)
$5.56 +$0.35

Strawberry Shortcake

*Seasonal –
Rich and buttery yellow cake topped with vanilla ice cream, layers of sweet strawberry sauce and finished with whipped cream and a cherry.

Turtle Sundae $6.47


Dino Cookie

Deluxe Sugar Cookie shaped like a Dinosaur.

Waffle Cone $1.01 – –

Waffle Bowl $2.57 $0.24

Dixie Nuts $0.98

Very Cool Kids’ Stuff

Kids’ Dirt Sundae $3.49 +$0.66

Kids’ Dino Sundae $3.52 +$0.69